Problems with speed and race seeding

Hi All, am relatively new to Zwift but enjoying it apart from 2 main annoyances. For context, I’m using a wahoo Kickr Snap and calibrate at the start of every session and my FTP is 189 (75kgs) so thats 2.5 p/w ratio.

The first issue is speed which is ridiculously low generally (falls to 9kph at times and not even on a hill), and also appears to be disconnected from power. E.g. if I temporarily surge from say 150W to 250W the speed might only rise from 25kph to 28kph and is not due to a hill appearing on the surge.

The second issue is seeding. I’ve tried registering in the D and C categories for races and both times got bumped up to A or B at the start which is not cool. With a 2.5 p/w ratio I don’t get why this is happening but it just ruins the fun of virtual racing.

Any help much appreciated.

Hi @Chas_McAlpine

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Zwift don’t bump riders to a category. I assume that when you click to select the category you accidentally pick A or B.

Using the companion app can make this easier.

This sounds like a dropout moving the sensor closer to the trainer will help

It takes time to accelerate the virtual rider like in real life.

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Many thanks Gerrie,

I thought that too re accidentally hitting A/B so was doubly careful the next time but still ended up with A. I do have companion. Good to know though that its not a erratic algorithm that’s bumping me.

Thx re sensor… I am in an area of poor connectivity so will try moving the cycle into the middle of the room to see if that helps.