Problems with Recent Update

(Edwin Thaves) #1

Nothing but problems since the recent Zwift update on AppleTV 4K. Zwift app frequently freezes, the graphics are now choppy and washed out, and it doesn’t seem to connect anymore to Wahoo Kickr and cadence sensor via Bluetooth. I spent 20 minutes trying to get things to work that were perfect before the update.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Edwin, can you elaborate more on ‘the graphics are choppy’?  I can see your recent sessions were right near 30 frames per second, just as before.  Are you mostly meaning it’s freezing from time to time?  If so, for how long?

(Edwin Thaves) #3

Hi Jon, thanks for the response. There is a noticeable difference in the graphics since the recent update. I believe the ‘choppy’ graphics are being caused by momentary freezes- less than a second. I quit the app, restarted AppleTV and double checked my internet connection. Still had issues. 

(Jon Mayfield) #4

Can you say if the freezes once a minute, once every few seconds, or even more often?  

(Edwin Thaves) #5

I’d say it’s once every few seconds. I ride in first person view. 

(Jason Rumanek) #6

Hi  I am experiencing choppy a swell.  The frames moves one second and is not fluid.  I have been reading and a lot of the comments are around the recent update

(Edwin Thaves) #7

I feel Jason does a good job explaining the issue - it’s just "not fluid’ as it was before. Also noticed the graphics often appear as large distinct squares that don’t blend in with the surrounding graphics. Not pixelated but almost like it can no longer process the graphics.

(Bhaltair Gruamach [DIRT]) #8

I also noticed riders jumping around.  A rider in a purple outfit was just behind me, then several meters in front, then behind me again.  Just jumping from spot to spot.

(Brian O'Mara) #9

+1 I have same issues. But on laptop version. Laptop is used exclusively for trainer and was working great. Only change is the zwift update and now I have choppy video. Data stream seems fine but video now runs in 1 second screenshots.

(Reiko Donato) #10

It happened to me on one ride, before the 2/1 update on Mac.  But that problem went away.  I did have a problem with the cadence data not showing or showing briefly only when I stopped pedaling.  I found this article on this site and did everything but the very last one, and it seems to have fixed the missing cadence data problem.

(Tomas Martensson) #11

Same on iPad slow frame rate after update .  I want grafic opion select on ipad.

(Jerry C) #12

I am also seeing the slow frame rate after the 1/31 update. Frame rate alternates between smooth frame rate to dropping to refreshes of 1 or 2 frames/second for a while (perhaps 30-60 seconds?). I was wondering if it was due to high rider counts over the weekend, but today under more normal rider loads, the problem was still there.

Prior to the 1/31 update, I had no problems.

(Denis Houle) #13

Same issue - I even switched from a PC to a Mac.  Same issue on both.  This is so bad for me I may drop Zwift…I am so annoyed.  Two days in a row of choppy, freeze frame and dropping connection to Wahoo…I cannot ride like this.  Do you have a solution?  It freezes and/or is choppy every few seconds.  Then jumps ahead.  The power is not changing, dropped and/or lags so far sprints are done by the time it catches up.  All was fine until your latest updates…

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #14


What are the specs for your PC and Mac?

Do they meet the minimum specs:

(Jason Rumanek) #15

This is about the upgrade and not supporting the Intel 3000 anymore.  Until they fix it so that it works with the chip we are all screwed.  I was told they will be fixing this in the next couple of days but the problem still is their.  Zwift was good while it lasted :frowning:

(Denis Houle) #16

Paul Allen

  • My PC is windows 10 Home.  Processor is AMD A6-3400 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.4 GHz ( 64 bit processing).  4GB RAM and more than 4GB of HD available.

  • Mac is Macbook Pro running Sierrra 10.12.6 (since upgraded).  2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 Processor with 4 GB 1333MHz memory.  It has an Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB.

Not sure on the Mac but the PC seems to be within Spec.  I am going to try and ride with the PC again today, however, the PC was terrible on Wed and not only had the freezing and pausing issues, it eventually just locked up and I could not restart or save the ride.  

(Brad Finn Ⓥ) #17

The new update has messed up Zwift for anyone that hasn’t bought a new computer in the past 5 years. Im not buying a new computer because Zwift can’t accommodate older computers… they are so focused on real life graphics when 90% of us are using zwift on regular computers, phones, apps not high level graphic gaming systems…

It is unwatchable… 

If it don’t back to the way it was by the end of the month this will be my last… and Ive been here since Beta

May be VirtuGo time

(Dave Raymen HTCW) #18

I have also had big problems with the latest ipdate from Zwift I have even sent my Mac Book Pro to my technical guy as thought it was a problem with my Mac this was his responce:
Hi Dave,
Heres a summary.
Ive been testing your zwift on ssd on 5 different macbook pros inc yours under 10.11.6 El Capitan.

Zwift works great on 2 older Core 2 Duo macbook Pros. (Like the one i showed you) but stutters on 3 x i5 Macbook pros including yours.

Its the latest Zwift software that is to blame.
An odd one I agree but can only wait for an update which tackles this issue or use iphone
It isn’t the Operating system thats at fault.

This needs to be sorted quickly !!! I have not been able to use Zwift since this update & It has also now cost me to get someone to look at my Mac … Zwift updates are ment to sort out bugs not cause them
Please can you give me & others on this thread an update of the situation

(Jorge Viegas - Louletano) #19

I am very frustrated, I am having the same problem. For the past 4 days I  thought it was my PC problem. The image is not fluid, it freezes every 20 to 30 seconds.  Can this be fixed ?? Should I give up on Zwift? 

(G. Raczek) #20

I noticed the feed on this thread ended around 2/18/18 and there was at least one Zwift update since then. Am I to assume that this problem has gone away for most? Unfortunately, I still see the choppiness (poor frame rate?) on my laptop. I’ve noticed it right after the 2/27 update. Everything worked well before then and I can’t blame my hardware, which is better then general recommendations.