Problems with Garmin Connect upload

(Loureiro Rodrigo) #1

Hello all,
I’ve just done my first ride on zwift island yesterday… very cool !!!
After the ride, it asked me to save, and when I said ‘yes’ the program terminated immediately… I was expecting some kind of ride page where I could see some stats.
Anyway, I found the .fit file and upload it to strava, no problems, but when trying to upload to Garmin Connect, it gave a message ‘undefined’
Anyone else run into this problem?

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Thanks for reporting the issue. Garmin recently redid their website and during that rework our fit files ceased to be accepted as valid. It’s on our list of stuff to get fixed in the very near future. For now we know Training Peaks, WKO+, and Strava work with our files.

(Loureiro Rodrigo) #3

Thanks for the follow-up… I did manage to upload it but I had to upload to golden cheetah, then export, and then upload to garmin connect. Probably could’ve done the same with TP.
Are there any plans to automate the export of the activity directly from the swift app?

(Jon Mayfield) #4

Strava integration is done, it’s just not released to you guys yet. Once you’ve paired Strava to Zwift your in game “save” button will have a Strava logo on it so that it’s more clear where it’s saving to. The fit files will also continue to be saved out where they are now for easy upload to other sites.

(David Morris ( #5

TrainingPeaks works fine. Connect doesn’t work for me at the moment either. I don’t use Strava :slight_smile:

(Florian Lentsch) #6

Hi guys, i have the same problem with an workout from today… here is the fit-file:

i’ve uploaded a few other rides in the past, never had a problem… pls help!


(Mark Duncombe) #7

Same here, have not been able to upload any Zwift fit files to Garmin Connect since the weekend. Garmin just returns “Undefined”

(New Scot (C) ODZ Euro Decaf lead) #8

Old thread, but for the sake of keeping the same issue together.
I’ve now got this issue aswell.

Undefined when trying to upload to Garmin Connect.

Not had this ever sine I subscribed

(wait #9

User of Garmin Connect (primary), Strava, TrainerRoad, and Zwift.

When on a free account of Zwift:

  • syncing to Strava = no issues

  • export of .FIT file, and import to Garmin Connect = incorrect time zone, no elevation data


When on a paid account of Zwift:

  • syncing to Strava = no issues

  • export of .FIT file, and import to Garmin Connect = incorrect time zone, but now contains all other data, including elevation, activity classification, map, and name.


While file has NP measure, it does not include TSS or IF calculations…

… ZWIFT = PLEASE create direct syncing to Garmin Connect… it’s the most popular brand of fitness devices (of actual fitness usage) on earth!!

(Jon Mayfield) #10

wait, we’ve been asking Garmin for a way to upload fit files for years.  If/when they provide an API to do so we’ll be first in line to implement it.


(wait #11

Morning Jon,

Thank you for the quick reply.  Good to know things are actively monitored.

RE: FIT files time stamp - can these not be adjusted on export to align to the user’s declared time zone in their profile?  Having TSS and IF scores would be fantastic, but at least that would make the exported file complete and accurate.

RE: Garmin Connect Sync

some thoughts:

While I recognize that isn’t exactly “plug & play” as the reading from GC might be - it sure looks like it’s possible.  Maybe you can develop, then partner license it to sites such as Strava so they too can have the ability!


(Jon Mayfield) #12

The existing solutions (aside from the OAUTH) would require Zwift to know your username and password, which we are not going to do because that’s lame and we don’t want to be responsible for some other companies account info (and why would you trust a 3rd party company with your credentials!!?).   The OAUTH (which doesn’t have that problem) is only there to allow for downloading of data, not uploading, currently.

Once Garmin adds a way for the OAUTH account connections to upload, we are good to go.  We’ve been bugging them about it for a while and I suspect some progress will be made there soon.

(wait #13

Afternoon Jon,

Just letting you know that TrainerRoad just rolled out direct connection for upload to Garmin Connect.

“Instantly sync your TrainerRoad rides to your Garmin Connect account.”

It grants permission by redirecting you to Garmin in order to authorize TrainerRoad’s access, and permission is revoked from within Garmin’s site.  So I believe whatever method they are using would address your concerns over OAUTH credentials.

Just wanted to share!

(Jon Mayfield) #14

Yup we actually started on this work a while back, but I couldn’t mention it here previously in my posts.  Now that Garmin has made their announcement I can say that our support for it is almost done and should go live in September.

(wait #15

Sweet! Looking forward to it.  Hopefully that helps everything come through cleanly!

(wait #16

Activated the auto upload to Garmin Connect yesterday.  Did not work for today’s ride.

Also noticed that at least last 3 rides are not exporting with elevation data - all show as flat with zero elevation change.

(Jon Mayfield) #17

Garmin doesn’t count virtual elevation. They are considering changing that (and we’ve brought it up recently), but for now they only count real world elevation.


As for your ride that didn’t upload, was it longer than a few KM?   Did it upload to other services?  

(wait #18

Hey Jon,

interesting to known.  As it’s been odd, because I have some rides from Zwift in which Garmin allowed the elevation profile over time to load in as part of the ride.

Ride was 30min, 8.15mi recovery.  Uploaded to Strava immediately, still wasn’t on GC after 15 minutes, so I manually exported/imported from Zwift to GC.

(Peter Boers) #19

When I upload my ride to Garmin Connect. I do not get T.S.S. and I.F. numbers. I have figured out a way to calculate these figures from my NP for the ride. Prior to setting up a direct upload to Garmin Connect I would save the ride as a .fit file and import it into Garmin Connect. For those rides I did get T.S.S. and I.F. numbers. I am not sure, but I don’t think I got any any elevation data from the .fit file.