problems with decathlon CSC bluetooth sensor

(C&C Chambarelli) #1

I just bought the CSC bluetooth from decathlon and started to zwift. I am having lots of problem. 

It pairs fast, but, during the workout, it stops getting speed and cadence a lot. 

I used wahoo fitness to verify if the sensor is working ok and at wahoo app it shows cadence and speed perfect.

Also, as a android developer, I developed my own app and also it can get speed and cadence. Only zwift app doesn’t.

My setup is hp elitebook windows 7 pro 64 bit and samsung s5 with android 6 as bridge.

Could you gimme a feedback because I just signed zwift, and, if it doesn’t work with decathlon sensor, I will have to cancel my signature.


Thanks in advance

(Gerrie Delport) #2

You may be aware of this, but you should close all apps that try to communicate with the bluetooth device, bluetooth can only talk to one device at a time. Make sure there is no interference like fans or wifi routers nearby. 

(Paul Allen) #3

I am agreeing with Gerrie but just asking something, the issue could be Wifi since the phone is acting as a bridge to the PC using Wifi. There could be something interfering with the signal or you might want to just use 2.4GHz for the bridge.