Problems with ant + key

Hi everyone I’m using my Elite Direto XR trainer with PC and ant + USB stick.
Almost always when I start zwift and arrive at the connection screen the ant + key is not recognized.
I have to log out of zwift, unplug and reattach the key and start zwift again for it to work. Sometimes this is not enough and I have to restart my PC. Sometimes (it happened to me yesterday too), while I’m pedaling the key stops working, I hear the sounds of windows as if I had removed and put it back.
There is no way to restart it except by restarting zwift.
Anyone know if it is a driver or key problem?
Can it be used to understand if I publish the log files?
Thanks a lot.

Ahhh the vagaries of USB.

Is your PC older? I think USB ports used to go to “sleep”. I recall having this issue but it has been awhile. Try using a different USB port. Check the Windows settings to ensure there is not a “Sleep” function.

You can also try rebooting the pc just prior to using Zwift. That should wake all the ports. I do this a lot anyway to kill any potential conflicts.

If your WiFi modem is close to your trainer, try to set the WiFi modem to a different channel.