Problems pair bkool Go / Pro2 Zwift ant+ FE-C app Bkool indoor

thanks for your answer, I will wait and continue to use your concurrent application Bkool indor which works.

Thanks for all the info above. I’ve a BKool Smart Pro which was working fine on Zwift until last week. Now it only sends Bluetooth to Zwift - not Ant+FE-C seems to have gone missing. Zwift isn’t recognising a controllable trainer. I did the recommended changes above but no change. The firmware on my mobile Tookkit app says 3.16 but doesn’t need updating as it’s up to date. Clearly there is something I’m missing but the trainer is acting up. Any assistance would’ve greatly appreciated thanks

Hi @bryan_geary, that does sound strange. A few questions:

  1. What type of device are you running Zwift on (Mac/PC/Apple TV/Android/iPhone/iPad)?
  2. Do you have any other Ant+ devices (eg. a heart rate monitor) that do connect to Zwift?

Hi Sandy, thanks for responding.

Yes, I have a Giant Power Pro and Assioma pedals which all connect to Zwift on ANT+ as does my Bkool hrm. however, ANT FE-C is no long er showing anymore. BKOOL trainer is showing with Bluetooth all right in the power meter section, just not with ANT FE-C in the Controllable section. Did a Tempis Fuego TT the other night and the bluetooth connection is pretty flawless from the smart trainer as the power source and gives a truer road feel/power numbers so am keen to use it. however i would like it to be controllable with ANT FE-C. just not doing it so is there possible damage to the electrical plug housing or something like that? Does the connection come from the trainer head unit to zwift or is it from something in the plug’s housing that might be loose/damaged?

What happens if you go through the steps above to download the old version of the Bkool Sim, does it give the option to enable Ant+ FE-C?

I didn’t see anything specific that mentioned an option to enable

i copied the file into notepad, changed to the numbers advised, saved in a different folder, deleted the .dat file and then transferred in the newer version.dat. then i went to the bkool simulator which was asking me to press OK for a newer edition of software. i went ahead with that and it updated. it shows Bluetooth and ANT+ as “connected” on the BKOOL simulator app when i went in. but is it possible it ignored the old version when i updated per the instructions in the new install?

is there any link to why the BKOOL toolkit app shows only 3.16 as the device after searching? not a different

I did the reinstall on another laptop.

Here are the options available to me


And hey Presto! All Connected on Zwift! image

Thank you!

Thanks @bryan_geary. The screenshots are of the Bkool Toolkit app, so first of all ignore that app - it doesn’t help to enable ANT+ FE-C (it might have done once, but not any more it seems)

Now, if the Bkool Simulator is asking to update to a newer version then it seems like the version.dat file isn’t quite right - it should just have the number 5.14 in it and nothing else.

Here’s a copy of my version.dat file which you can use to replace the one installed with version 3.53 of the Bkool Simulator:

Hah, I’ve just seen you got it working. Excellent!

Slightly off topic but a real concern. Since I’ve now got Zwift controlling the trainer after re downloading Ant+FE-C, the trainer is very sensitive to the gradient changes and I’m doing Higher watts at lower heart rates. I literally have no idea if the readings are now accurate or if they are what they should have been all along ! slightly feel like I’m doing something that’s not altogether above board! Has anyone else found this after they made the adjusted downloads?

What sort of difference in power are you getting? Is it constant or erratic?

no, its not erratic at all. it’s just I’m much better ! :smiley: there has to be something wrong, it feels easier. which makes me query why it didn’t feel exactly the same beforehand on using bluetooth from the same trainer. or even originally under Ant+Fe-c (when it did work before it crashed).

I’ve no idea I’m afraid, you’ll have to buy another power meter to check I guess!? Consider it a very early Christmas present to yourself! Just be prepared for the realisation that you might not be as good as the Bkool tells you…

Am I reading this right you are pairing power as Bluetooth and controllable as ant fec?

I’ve heard you should not mix and match like that. Can you make both of them ant+ fec?

So I ran dual analytics on the Tempis Fuego flat TT tonight. Had I used the trainer with the old firmware downloaded and AntFEC running once again, which gives the right hand side readings, I think I would have won (circa 5.4w/kg) But I used the Giant Pro Ant+ power and finished a lowly 21st with probably fairly accurate power 4.7 w/kg. This is obviously a nonsense with the BKool readings

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I think you’re probably right, I wouldn’t trust the Bkool to be particularly accurate, my unit certainly had a tendency to vary. I swapped mine for a Kickr Core about a year ago and much prefer the direct drive to the wheel-on setup.