Problems editing and listing workouts

I have a lot of custom workouts, and I seem to have the app crash when I scroll through them.

Also, when I’m editing a workout, the editor seems to want to change the duration of some intervals. I’ll open a ride to tweak it, and notice that the length of some intervals has been changed. Adding between 10 and 20 seconds, and sometimes it does it just as the workout is being saved, throwing off the workout timing. As a test, I have tried to just open a workout and save it right away, and the times are changed. It’s really annoying.

The app tends to crash too while editing a workout. I haven’t tried to see if it crashes creating a workout, but it sure does on occasion when editing one. It seems to happen more frequently with longer and more involved workouts. I’ve had some workouts where I have to make a change and save it, then edit it again, make a single change and save it, and (lather rinse repeat). I like to copy existing workouts to customize them, and it happens most with those. Like if I remove too many comments, BOOM, crash, and start all over again…

These issues existed before the latest update too.