Problems data recording and uploading to strava

(Rob Flatt) #1

Today taken delivery of a wahoo kickr. Have downloaded zwift onto my iPhone and have been doing a couple of short rides as part of the set up between the turbo and zwift.

Problem 1. Although during a ride, the distance, power, time, cadence etc seem to be all updating, when I save the ride the distance the ride is shown on my feed however everything except power is recorded as nil. I’ve no distance, time or calories etc. However mileage is accrued in the overal total but the app is saying that I have done no mileage in the last 7 days or month.

Problem 2. I have made the appropriate connection between Zwift and Strava. Both apps confir the connection however Zwift is not uploading to Strava.

Help required asap please.