Problems (again)

Hello! :crazy_face: It’s me again. :0 I was kind of wondering… why doesn’t my chat show up?? :exploding_head: I’m old enough to see it and I’ve seen it before. I’ve chatting too. But now in watopia im not seeing anything. London I am able to see it. Is this just a glitch? Or is it because no one is talking? Any ideas? It would help :grin:



I thought under 16 couldn’t use chat?

From zwift support website:
Zwift has designed Children’s Accounts so that users of those accounts cannot chat with other users and have more limited ability to interact with other users than do adult users. Please carefully review your child’s settings to make sure you are comfortable with how they are using the Zwift service.


Uhh, idk if I should say my age or not…? Would that be fine? I’m just gonna say I’m a teenager.