Problem with gaining speed

I love Zwift but two days ago I was trying to go up the Alpe and could not get any power or speed. It was like riding with the break on. It took me an hour longer than usual. Any advice please. Thanks

What sort of trainer do you have? If it’s a wheel-on trainer it could be that the wheel is slipping against the roller due to setup problems (i.e. tyre pressure and roller tension).

Hi Steve, No, we have a Wahoo Kickr 18. I did a spin down and the problem was still there. The spindown on Wahoo without connection to Zwift worked well. There was only a problem when Zwift was connected

You used the word “we”, do you have multiple Zwift accounts maybe and are using the wrong one with a much heavier weight than your actual weight?

Thanks for your quick response. In answer to your question, no, I have my own account with the correct data for my height and weight.

Have you checked the trainer difficulty setting? The default is 50% and I’m pretty sure the setting is per device so if you are sharing the device and someone else using the same device (even on a different Zwift account) has changed it then it will have been updated for you too.

When you’re riding up the Alpe or any other significant gradient, what sort of watts figure are you seeing, and what speed?

Hi Steve, thanks for your replies. Much appreciated. It seems to have fixed itself. Riding on

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