Problem with .fit file

Yesterday was my first ride and I successfully downloaded the .fit file into TrainingPeaks after I was done. Today, I did a second ride and downloaded a new .fit file. The filename has today’s date but when I actually download the file, it has yesterday’s data in it. Am I doing something wrong or is there a problem with the file?

Unfortunately I don’t think it’s the timestamp. Here’s what happened:

  • On 3/2 I did a ride, downloaded the .fit file (filename included the date of 3-2)and loaded to TrainingPeaks successfully.

  • On 3/3 I did another ride, downloaded the .fit file (filename included the date of 3-3) and loaded it to TrainingPeaks.

  • TrainingPeaks prompted me with a note that it was a duplicate and that I’d overwrite the data. I did it to see what would happen and it reimported the data from 3/2. The data it imported matches the duration/distance that I actually did on 3/2 which makes me think the file from 3/3 actually had the ride data from 3/2.

I’m having a similar issue except my data is showing up for tomorrow. I did a ride on 5/5/2015 and then uploaded it to training peaks where it showed up on 5/6 (tomorrow). 

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