Problem using 2 laptops logged into zwift

I have two laptops, one I use to train with zwift, one I use to just spectate. I log in with the same credentials on each. Im at the end of my trial period, but one laptop still shows 25k left. When I subscribe to zwift, do I have to use the laptop I train with zwift on to complete the subscription? Worried if I use my other laptop, that one will be the one I have to use zwift on. Seems odd that two laptops with zwift on show different info with the same login details?

Don’t do this. This will cause that many of your rides will not properly save and that you will loose drops and badges.

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ofc u can’t log in to 1 account with 2 devices at the same time, otherwise everyone would just share login details and not pay for sub :wink:

do you mean at the same time or one is used when riding and the other is usedto watch but not while riding?

this shouldn’t cause a problem,

But as others have said you shouldn’t log into 2 PCs at the same time.