Problem to register to national championchip on Zwiftpower

(Joscha Weber) #1

Hi, I‘m new here. I would like to take part in the German national Championchip tomorrow. The rules say that I have to Register via the Website of zwiftpower, which Sems to be sort of a forum. I did that. But the second step, that is required to compete, is complicate: I would like to Register to the race in the calendar. I opened the german national championchip, but there is no button for registration. So how could I register for that race?
Thanks, Joscha

(Nigel Doyle) #2

It’s best to join races using the Zwift Mobile application (loaded on to your phone or tablet). You can’t actually join an event from Zwift’s website.

The forum part of can be largely ignored. You just need to register. You also need to link it up to your Strava account. You’ll need a Strava account as well if you don’t have one (free).

Hope this helps.