Problem starting Zwift

Hey guys,

I´ve just installed Zwift on my laptop. After starting program and creating an account, Zwift breaks up after showing two different screens while loading. Even restart program doens´t get any effort. Please help.

Hi Günter,

Sounds like this might require technical support. I’ve created a ticket for you and we’ll continue on from there.

Hi Eric,


I just opened LOG-file, last entry is:


GLFW ERROR 65542: WGL: The driver does not appear to support OpenGL


best regards

Hi Günter,

That’s definitely a graphics driver issue but, as mentioned, we’ll continue via the ticket I created.


Hi Eric,


Any news?

Günter is a friend, I´m trieing to help him doing the setup…

Hi there,

Günter has not replied to the ticket since Thursday.

Hi Eric,

I think Günter got no information, what he should do after you created the ticket.

Anyway, we tried another PC and now the software works.

Could you please help us now how to connect the Elite Real Axiom WIRED?

I found a thread, that there is a solution, that Zwift can work with this trainer, but i don´t know exactly if there are any trick.


Best regards, Philipp

Hi Philipp,

I sent an email after the ticket was created to gather some data - it’s best to work on that here instead of on the forums.

Re: Real Axiom Wired - we have a KB article about it here:–Setting-up-a-wired-Elite-trainer-on-Mac?section=200993429