Problem elite direto XR-T / bluetooth


I´m New in the world of indoor training and bought myself an elite direto xr-t trainer.

As suggested i downloaded the elite ´myEtraining app´ on my samsung a52s Phone (5.0 bluetooth) and i´ve installed all feature. I can make rides on this app.

But my main focus is to ride on zwift. I downloaded zwift and the companion app. But… i can´t select my trainer. The Phone can´t Find my elite trainer, although bluetooth seems to be working.

Someone who´s got tips or a solution?

Big thanks

Hi @Lieven_Vrombaut

Welcome to the forum.

Make sure the trainer is not connected to any other app. Also in the phone bluetooth settings make sure it is not there.

In the phone permissions you should give Zwift location permission when using the app.