Private rides

I’m receiveing ride ons in rides that are private.
How is it possible?

Hi Paulo,

A ride being set to private means that the activity information is private after the ride is complete. All rides take place publically in the same game world, so you will receive ride ons just like normal. Other people just won’t be able to find the activity afterwards.

I hope this helps!

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as there are 3 options, public, followers and private, I thought they would be private for everyone …

@Paulo_Magalhaes those settings only apply to who can see your activities after the fact.

If you and I are both riding the same route and you pass me I can still give you a ride on through the game and/or companion app by clicking the white circle on the map.


I was talking about finished activities. For example, I have a few private activities and my followers can see them …and they are private

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