Private Race Setup

(Edz Lamy) #1

Would love to see an option in zwift where you can setup a private race between you and your friends. Would be a separate option at the main menu that you can choose between Workout, Free Ride or Race. After you select race you can either join an upcoming race or create/invite riders to race. My cycling studio is looking to do monthly races as we all have our own zwift accounts but right now have to do a work around and just compare “Zwift Blog Verified” Segments as official times.

(Edz Lamy) #2

Also, when I vote yes for this it reduces it to 0. I know this morning there were 2 votes for yes (one was mine) but now it shows 0.

(Matt von Wahlde 7403) #3

This is an excellent suggestion. Invitational events are essential to keeping Zwift attractive to many riders.

It’s not a ban, it’s extremely vetting of riders…

(Jonathan Tao) #4

Yes this would be a great feature to have !! 

(. HKGmatt) #5

Agree, great suggestion

(Harold Overman) #6

I have a cycling studio as well and this is something that would not only benefit my business but also bring in more business for zwift. My users would be more likely to sign up for zwift accounts just to be able to participate.

(Ali Ziyaei) #7

I need it too.
It is the best request ever.
I think Zwift is missing this feature and could not believe it doesn’t have it by default.
It’s a gaming app.

(Potter Luke GJ) #8

Great idea.

Some cycling clubs would like to organise a Zwift Club Championship event.

(TJ Stone) #9

I would love this as well. I want to setup winter weeknight racing for my cycling team. 

(SustainableEndurance Coaching) #10

We have a wahoo studio in Albuquerque, NM. I think the idea is great. Maybe have people climb Alp De Zwift and time for each individual. I think it would be possible to create a series.

When I lived in NYC there were roller races in the winter. Fun!

(Peter Castrop) #11

Great idea !!