Private Mode

I have asked this question before but have not heard back. How do I use your product in “private” mode. I find other riders bombing my training rides annoying! I would like to ride without being hindered by other riders scooting by and or trying to talk to me. I just want to be left alone to do my training ride without interference. Surely you have a way to enjoy your product without other riders on the road. Correct? Please share the secret button with me. Or is the only solution Trainer Road?

I can think of 2 ways. There may be more.

  1. Create a group ride and make it private.
  2. Disconnect your Zwift computer/phone/tablet from the internet after starting, and reconnect when finishing.

Additionally, turn of Chat in settings to stop other riders from trying to “talk” to you.

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In Zwift only way is to cut the internet connection to prevent other riders being shown.

You might also be able to create your own event ride?

It’s definitely something that will get a lot of support to be able to ride privately without any other riders around you. Some days I’d like that as well.

Create your own event ride and turn off the options for other players visible

I went to Bologna event and quit event. I only saw maybe two other riders.

Create a Meetup and set it to not show other riders. You only need to invite one of your followers to the Meetup and they don’t even need to show up for it.