Private meetups - Messages

I’ve just done my first private meetup where there were 10 of us.

We could still see other messages from people outside the private meetup which is annoying.

Also if the group is spread out over a few Km’s / minutes when the leader sends a message not all users get it becuase they are to far ahead or behind. Why???

Surely all message when in a private meetup would be seen by ALL users within it regardless of their position.

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Hi @John_Horlock_Cwcc welcome to Zwift forums.
Thanks for the feedback. This is an annoyance we’re aware of and working to fix.


Also within a priviate meetup group - could be allowed that all users account can message.

We’ve been using zwift for our coaching sessions and we are having to revert to another platform so everyone can see each others messages.

the accounts in question are child accounts.