Private Info Briefly Visible in Companion App

I was checking out the profiles of some people I got Ride Ons from and rode with today, and one rider has their profile set to private. But–their gender is briefly visible when you open their profile, and then it disappears quickly. But it can still be read before it vanishes.

I checked randomly through some profiles of people currently riding, and noticed this happening with other private profiles too. The gender will be visible when you first open the profile, then it quickly disappears. It doesn’t always happen with the same profile on repeated views–seems maybe like it’s the first time you open it, or after opening another profile and going back to the private one.

I managed to grab a screenshot before the disappearing act (was tough, it’s not around for long) and one after, of the same profile. (Edited to maintain the user’s privacy.)

Nothing preventing someone from using the program, but privacy should be privacy, right? :slight_smile:

Should say, this is on Android 9 on my phone, also Android 11 on a tablet.

I’ve noticed this before, too. It’s really quick but that’s besides the point.

Privacy capability in Zwift is abysmal.

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Thanks - I’ve shared this with the team.

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Sent you a screen recording of it.

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What I’ve noticed is that Female (and 0 followers, 0 following) is shown briefly on any profile when the profile is loading slowly due to network issues.

I’ve seen this happen with men whose profiles are set to private too. No followers data at all, just the gender as above.

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And the network wasn’t seeming to be particularly slow, at least on my end.

This now understood, reproduced by our Zwift Companion team, and is being slotted into our next release. Thank you for noting and sharing this, Tom.



Dang, y’all are two-for-two on problems I’ve come here to report :smiley: Thanks for the fast update, happy to help.