Private, closed route for team rides.

Zwift is saving my winter! Thank you for creating it. 

I’m on a pretty big team/community (Cinch Cycling) of cyclists who are scattered around the world, but who all work with the same coach.

We tried to do a group ride in Zwift a couple weekends ago, but with 1,147 other riders on the flat loop we were on, it was impossible to stay together and actually do a group ride. There were about 30 of us on that day, and in total, there are about 90 or 100 Cinch athletes around the world.

We would love to be able to rent a Zwift server so that we could get a private instance of at least one flat course and one hilly course, like those on Watopia island.

How much free beer and doughnuts would it take to get you to spin us up a server so we can have Cinch group rides with just us on the routes and no one else? We’d be happy to upgrade to a Zwift team plan or something. :slight_smile:

Keep going, guys. You’ve created an amazing experience for us!



I just read you can use this for a group ride. I have not tried it, but could work well.


We used to do this on the “Zwift Down Under” rides, by riding the non-default course.

Initially it was done by hacking the date/time on your machine, but that broke way too many things, so I discovered the use of the “WORLD” tag in the XML preferences, and documented it for others to use. That discovery has been copied to several other places and used by hundreds to thousands of people with great success.

If you want a ‘private’ course, you could choose a lightly-loaded, non-default course, and ride that, or pick a segment that very few people are riding (don’t forget to look at the reverse laps, those are almost entirely empty on most days).

Here’s the details about how to use it:

It’s about as close to a “closed” course as you can get!

Thanks for this work around guys!

There’s a lot of riders on our team that wouldn’t want to mess around with modifying an .xml file, as easy as that it for those of us who are comfy with code and text editors.

So, this is a cool trick to know about for me personally, but won’t be a solution for our whole team. 

Thanks a ton for taking the time to let me know about it though!



Have a look here -

Thanks, Ray!

Cool stuff you’re working on over on your site!

Hope some of it gets picked up by the zwift developers :slight_smile:




Not my site, just passing along information,