Privacy glitch

If I’ve marked an activity private, my name should not appear in other users’ race results.

Unfortunately Zwift’s “privacy” setting isn’t very private at all and poorly implemented.

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I find it amusing that my bug report has been recategorized as a feature request. :shushing_face:

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While I see your privacy concern - wouldn’t the removal of your results affect everyone else’s placings?

Let’s assume a good portion of Zwifters set their activity to private. For argument’s sake, let’s pretend that 33% do. Doing what you’re asking for eliminates a third of people from any given race result. That doesn’t seem like a great competitive experience either.

Nothing to stop people taking in game screen shots etc. Either use a pseudonym or don’t race if you are that concerned.

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Whilst I agree with your race position comments could you explain why I am able to click on this person’s race result in Zwift CA Activity results and then see their Activity for this particular race.

This is not always the case with everyone who has a Privacy setting.

( I think you should be able to see their name in the results but you should not be able to glean any further information about this person from that race results entry )

I immediately thought that the suggestion would be that the names held by the private folks in the results would just be listed as “Anon Y Mous” or something along those lines

Correct. That was the idea.

This bug report was motivated by an admin erasing the names from a screenshot of race results I posted this morning. At first, I thought, “Aren’t these results a matter of public record?” Later, I realized that the public record probably should not include “private” activities. If it does, they aren’t private.

I didn’t remove it for privacy reasons, I removed it so that people don’t name and shame riders.

The names did not add any value.

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Still, you did get me thinking about the privacy issue. Thank you.