Primes in Zwift races. What is the point?

I’ve only just started into “bike racing” on Zwift after separating from Triathlon. In some races in Zwift I see Prime Laps and I see points are awarded. Where do these points go? Can I use them in the gift shop? Do they accumulate so I can redeem them for some Crypto Coin? Are they the same as all my wrestling trophies from Grade 8 still on my wall that my wife has been asking me to take down because they are so tarnished and sad? I know in real life Prime Laps award the lap winner a pair of socks / pizza / glory, etc. Just wondering if destroying myself for 3 points is worth it. Thanks all and RIDE ON!
1987 Grade 8 - 56 KG Mary Hill Jr High 1st Place Champion

They all go to ZwiftPower. In a points race the winner is the person who accumulates the most points which is not necessarily the first person who crosses the finish line. Zwift itself does not handle points races so the only place you can see the real results of a points race is on


Primes races in Zwift are my favourite. I run a series where you score points for your times on each segment, plus bonus points at the finish line. They all show up in Zwift Power and determine your finishing position.

Check out Herd Summer Racing League or the Herd Racing League Facebook group if you want some more information. It’s pretty popular.

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