"Prime" Trainer with Others Having Same Resistance + Stats

(BikeCoach .com) #1

Dear Zwift,

In professional studios with many riders, it is difficult to get multiple people running on Zwif at once with multiple computers.  As a solution, some have thought of running multiple Zwift accounts on one main PC, but that, too, comes with its own set of problems.  However, I may have come up with a possible solution.  Instead of running multiple Zwift accounts and windows, you could run multiple trainers connected to one Zwift window.  This would consist of one main (“Prime Trainer”) controlling the Zwift avatar with while additional trainers are connected to the same system, but they only feel the resistance of the avatar (Not Controlling it).  There would also be on-screen stats of each additional trainer.  I am certain this is possible because there is a similar program, Perf Pro, which allows for multiple CompuTrainers to be connected with all of their stats, wattages, names, etc.  This would make a great addition to Zwifts already outstanding program, and would allow many new possibilities for commertial use.

  • D. Wilson