Previously completed workout in training plan showing incomplete next session [SOLVED]

Experiencing the same issue. - If you take a look at my Zwift power report you will notice the name of the program has changed it just said FTP Builder before and now coinciding with this issue it has changed to Zwift- 6wk Beginner… just saying this matches to when the issue began for me.

Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 13.05.29

I have exactly the same issue.

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I have the exact same issue. in week 6 of the build me up training plan. Completed the 15.9 workout on Tuesday and it did not reflect in the training plan, so marked it completed manually. Did the C.A. workout last night and now it isn’t even showing up in my training plan. Hope zwift comes to a resolution soon.

Agreed, software dev/ bug fixer at heart! Seems this last push to production left staging to quick, QA much lol?

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Has been happening to me as well. From middle of week 6th on Build Me Up plan, any of my exercises are not completed anymore and I have to manually complete them.
Very frustrating!


Gang - we’re aware of the extent of this problem and are working to fix it as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience - in the meantime, please use the workaround in the first post above.


@shooj will we be informed when it’s fixed???

Yes. I will post on this thread when it’s fixed.

There are several threads about this issue. I will probably do some housekeeping and merge them when it’s resovled.


Good man @shooj, thank you.

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Also seeing this issue with the Zwift Racing plan. Did the workouts this week (2 x Watopia Hilly Reverse) and Taking it easy, and none of the three show up in my training plan, although all the show up in the Zwift Companion app.

I hope part of the fix will allow for these workouts to be recorded back in the training plan, so progress isn’t lost or needs to be repeated.


Same issue for me in the Build Me up 12wks.
It started after the latest software update.


Whilst that’s good to hear, at this point, someone at ZWIFT needs to explain

  1. What the problem is
  2. What platforms it affects
  3. When they anticipate releasing a fix.

This is all pretty basic stuff


Just chiming in that I am experiencing same issue with FTP Beginner plan. I have been manually indicating that I have completed segments but wonder if and when that data will be overwritten with actual data from my ride history. Should we be manually updating?

I share the impatience and frustration of others with the radio silence from Zwift. Or am I missing something?

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Yes, also in Pebble Pounder

Same here …come on Zwift we need some info !

Same here - pedaling drills and bricolage in build me up week 8

Most of my workouts in the Gran Fondo plan are showing up in the “Activities” tab but the plan doesn’t recognise that they are completed. When can we expect a fix?

It is happening on all my Singletrack Slayer workouts as well.

Same here with TT-Tune Up Trainings plan

Same problem here. Build me up. Week 8. Not only the workouts disappeared, now also the entire week is vanished.

And I can not log in anymore.

Issue need be solved ASAP!