President's Day Race - no results at ZwiftPower

(J Alderson) #1

I rode the Zwift President’s day race this morning at 10am ET.  The race itself doesn’t show up at all in the race calendar at ZwiftPower so no results are posted.  Seems like it might have dropped off the Zwift calendar?  Can anyone at Zwift help or explain what happens here.  Seems to happen quite a bit and is very dissatisfying after putting in the effort in a race scenario on the platform.

(Mark Hewitt) #2

ZwiftPower is not controlled by Zwift so you’d need to ask ZwiftPower about it.

(J Alderson) #3

I don’t think the answer is quite so simple.  My understanding is that ZP has some non-public API access in order to do what it does. Even if the API was public, the issue could be on either end. If races are dropping out of the list of current, active or past races, then ZP would be hamstrung.  OTOH, ZP could certainly just be dropping the ball on getting the data.  There are a lot of reports of missing race data over there with no replies.  Similar here, though less volume of course. 

(J Alderson) #4

An update for posterity:  Yesterday, 2/23 and a full 3 days after the race, the results got posted to ZwiftPower.  Almost everyone was placed in CatD, likely because most people had adjusted their names in Zwift back to ‘normal’ and removed the class markings.  I had identified as a Cat C.  On ZP, it also doesn’t show up with my normal Zwift races, I need to choose Strava results to see it.  Therefore, it doesn’t show up on either.  At this point, I think the issue is with the race organizer, in this case Zwift itself.