Predefined workouts (10K, 21K & 42K)

I know there is a 5K test but I would also like to choose a 10K, 21K and even an full marathon as a workout.

You can make your own -

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That would be great but in my Android application there is no option to create custom workouts.

Correct, you’d need a PC to do that I guess. Maybe Google sheets since it can be created in a spreadsheet on the phone.Not sure it would be easy though.

I use the “Training Peaks” (free version) to to customize my workouts.

  1. Sincronice Zwift to TP
  2. Create my Workouts in TP
  3. Very Important it’s necessary the name of “singular” workout, because is the name that showing in Zwift (if you don’t write, not showing in Zwift)
  4. You can select your workout in Zwift
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