Pre-release testing world/client

Hi there,

I’ve seen a number of bugs posted recently that seem to have quite broad effects. One model I’ve seen in other games is to have a beta/pre-release testing world or client, so that the brave can spend a week or two bouncing into all the bugs that the on-staff testing team don’t manage to find, due to numbers or other reasons.

Would this be considered as an idea? There are sets of hardware that seem to be suffering major bugs that take some time to resolve, that could drive people away from Zwift, and it seems that there may be some merit in staging the releases beforehand.

Who wants to tell him?


The brave are supposedly trying out a new race categorization system at the moment. They know it’s very beta and being changed between races. Result: We now know that the brave are an incredibly unforgiving bunch of moaners who want perfection at the first go with no perceived effort or cost.

I have no idea why zwift are against this. TR completing adaptive training through closed beta. Really transparent about number of people granted access to the beta, complete list of issues and when rectified. Been a very good examples of how to run a beta program release successfully.

Zwift updates are a major embarrassment for a company wanting to be taken seriously.


Wes uttered the immortal words “test in Production” on the latest World of Zwift. I almost swallowed my tea. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Or choked on it rather, but I’ll leave the mistake as it’s funny)