Pre-planned Century

(Mark Simnett) #1

I don’t know if you’re aware, but with your intersections, you’ve created enough route options for almost exactly a metric century.

Alongside the “Flat”, “Hills”, “Group”, and “Surprise Me” intersection preferences, it would be great if you added a “Simnett Century” option.  Ok…  Call it “Metric Century” if you prefer…

It would probably only need to default the Intersection options to a specific pre-defined order.  And obviously give someone a “Simnett Century” Achievement for completing it…  Ok…  Maybe not that either…

This is a serious and sensible enhancement suggestion though.  Here is the detail:

Starting at the Just Ride point.  If you ride every variation of a loop with the new intersections on Watopia in a row, it’s 98.65k (61.3 miles)

If you add a climb up and down the KOM at the end, that’s exactly 100k.

Not a bad way to make an imperial century more interesting…

I consider a “loop variation” to be one where you don’t go over the same bit of road in the same direction twice before crossing the start/finish line again. If you do them in a sensible order then you don’t need to use the Turn Round button to complete this ride.
The route that I did is this:

  • Loop 1: Forward with underwater section then through to finish forward (Left, Left)
  • Loop 2: Forward with underwater section then up KOM to finish reverse (Left, Right, Left)
  • Loop 3: Reverse with underwater section then through to finish reverse (Right, Right)
  • Loop 4: Reverse with underwater section then up KOM to finish forward (Right, Left, Right)
  • Loop 5: Forward up KOM and then through to finish forward (Right, Right)
  • Loop 6: Forward up KOM and then through underwater section to finish reverse (Right, Left, Right)
  • Loop 7: Reverse up KOM and then to finish reverse (Left, Left)
  • Loop 8: Reverse up KOM and then through underwater section to finish forward (Left, Right, Left)

Would probably be sensible to check that I’ve listed those loops and directly correctly - human error and all that.

If you want to see this, as a ride, this is my activity on Strava.  Just look at the first 100k.  I did a little bit extra as I wanted 70 miles today.




(Justin Lash) #2

I would love to be able to just click metric century and have it automatically take me on that route

(Mark Simnett) #3

Me too :-).  Click the little up-arrow next to the Title / Heading of this Feature Request to give it a vote.

(Ronny Van Peer ( #4

Voted !


(Z RAAM 2020 (Solo 60-69)) #5

This would be great!

(William Dawes) #6

Love this idea

(Josh Smith) #7

I love it. Love it if we can do pre planning on our routes and just ride. 

(M. atteo) #8

Voted. Great idea!

(Mitch De Jode BZR) #9


(Michiel Janssen WBR) #10

Great idea, I vote for having this very soon!!

(Stef Levolger) #11

+1 Get this in!

(Tena Heffernan_Z57+) #12

I would also love this EXCEPT, I would prefer the KOM at the beginning.  At the end, I expect to be pretty worn out and finishing on that hill just seems almost cruel to me… lol

(. Juice) #13

would be great to have this option!

(Mark Simnett) #14

Tena - it’s not actually that much elevation in total for 100k.  Less overall than if you just rode the same distance on the “normal” Watopia route.  However…  I’d personally put this route on a loop so it would actually head underwater again to finish the final 1.6k / mile on the flat :-).

(C live Goodwin PACK) #15

Hope they can program this in; it would be awesome!

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #16

This is a great idea, but I would extend it.

Rather than have a single “Simnett Century” option Id have a “Pre-set route” option. Selecting that would be similar to choosing a workout. IT would take you to a library of pre-defined turns, so you could have something like:

  • Simnett Century
  • Metric Madness
  • Figure of 8

A key aspect of this would be that they are defined using simple XML files like the workouts, so we can add our own preferred routes to the selection. That way Tena and Mark both get the ride profile they prefer. =)