powerups - arghh

(Big Vern) #1

in my view a terrible idea, thought this was a serious training tool… what’s the point when you see people passing you by virtue of powerups, destroys any semblance of true competition…

(Mark Minn HPP) #2

Just read the 'What’s new" email, and yeah…sounds like a bad idea…though I haven’t seen it in use yet.

(Allan Watkins) #3

This is still a game.

I’m an amateur cyclist, I ride 6 days a week and maybe 8-12 hrs total time depending on the week. If a “power up” – just like new wheels / bike / etc… in real life is what causes me to lose a “race” then there are other issues I should worry about more like losing another 15lbs or possibly accepting that I need to continue my training until I am actually a better rider.

(Chris Hayward (B)) #4

Their goal is entertainment, the video game aspect

HOWEVER, idea: I imagine at a later date there will be “rooms/races” that you can join from a lobby.

Perhaps there could be rooms/races that do not allow powerups.

(Big Vern) #5

2 replies mention game ; really, in that case lets start dishing out light sabres so we can chop each others leg off, I realise it’s gotta be entertaining but for someone like me with a powermeter I like to deal with facts.
Like Chris’s idea of different ‘rooms’ though to get round it…horse for courses then…

(Clint Westhoff) #6

Not having tried it yet, I’m probably responding too soon, but the “serious training” aspect of this is all psychological. If powerups provide a psychological boost then they are working and should be kept, if they don’t they shouldn’t be. However, it’s all in your head anyway so it is your attitude and perspective that determine whether these will be a motivator or demotivator. I never saw my kids throw away their controllers when a Mario Kart got a rocket boost; instead they got excited because that was their attitude. Powerups that are fun, and equally earnable, or discoverable, by everyone sound fun and motivational to me.

(Big Vern) #7

different points of view which is fine, but I totally disagree, I dont wanna be reaching for my space bar whilst riding and why bother going to all the effort of power curve tests on turbos etc and carefully intergrating power and it’s effects to have it all blown out of the water by powerups

(Clint Westhoff) #8

And I love the light sabre idea - there should definitely be a world at some point where a race includes light sabres.

(Big Vern) #9

actually the more I think about it… yeah…a sabre ‘lobby’… :wink:

(Gary Randolph(BTC)) #10

I don’t mind them. Nobody is forcing you to hit the spacebar. BTW, isn’t the purpose of the iPad app to allow you to keep the PC away from you? There needs to be a “spacebar” on the iPad app.
I read my update email after today’s ride so I didn’t use my powerups, but I would have.
It’s all about the watts - powerups make riding in my living room more interesting, which might keep me on the trainer longer. On the other hand, I won’t cry if they go away. :wink:

(Onno Pierik) #11

Mario Kart on a bike!

(Vincent Beggs) #12

Sort of agree with you on this but am still processing their introduction. We have been complaining for a while about the superhuman AIs and now when they say they have fixed the AI times the power-ups reintroduce the unfair advantages. Just riding to get a workout in, I either won’t use them or won’t care much. In mass start group rides/races though, it might add and interesting dynamic. I’m willing to see how it plays in game before concluding they should go.

(Jon Mayfield) #13

So, we knew this thread would be created today and we’re well aware that people often dislike change, but let me explain how I feel on this.

First off, Zwift is meant to make riding indoors fun - that is our mission. I personally don’t believe making yet another cycling simulator is the best way towards that. That isn’t to say we don’t believe in the sanctity of data - no powerups that we have will modify power recordings, hr, TSS, or calorie calculations. It’s still your physical effort that is recorded, only your fake speed on our fake island up our fake grades will be affected - no big deal. If anything the entire intent of these is to get MORE out of your workout, not less.

Secondly, even if you were to use every powerup at the optimal time all the way around the course, the effect wouldn’t be big enough to make somebody with a 200w FTP move up to the top spot, the effects just aren’t that big. It’s really not that different from Strava leaderboards - a rider could have had 5mph faster tailwind, or a leadout train, or could have ridden a TT bike - you’ll never know. It’s just a fun way to make you push harder, right?

Third, the virtual race events coming soon will have the option to allow or disallow powerups, so that will be up to each event organizer. I’m sure there will be a nice mix.

I suggest people give the a try before they pass judgement on them, you might just like them - or at the very least not hate them. Try to enjoy it for what it is.

(Big Vern) #14

light sabres then? :wink:
will try before commenting further…

(Big Vern) #15

forgot to say - awesome work so far BTW, sometimes folk create these threads because they have a real wish to see the thing reach it’s full potential and forget to praise what’s been done so far - so thanks again

(Chris Hayward (B)) #16

“Third, the virtual race events coming soon will have the option to allow or disallow powerups, so that will be up to each event organizer.” – perfect guys! thats all that is needed really.

(note: I enjoy the powerups, personally)

(Scott LaFountain) #17

I like the idea of power ups for fun and think that the inclusion of power up permission in certain areas is a must for some. I personally don’t care.

I think that the power ups should have been released after the apps for both android and iphone so that players/riders don’t have to worry about keeping a keyboard near by.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #18

If you have the mobile app, the ‘Ride on!’ button will activate the power-up…for now. It’s a temporary solution as we continue to develop the Zwift Mobile Link.

And, of course, the spacebar does it too. :slight_smile:

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #19

I can see where these can be a lot of fun when some of the competitions start. Everything doesn’t have to just be a serious who can get from point A to point B the fastest. Obviously there will be some serious competitions but I think there could be some fun game-play type competitions, like any video game, where you earn a little advantage that’s not necessarily related to having the highest w/kg or the most raw power output. Kind of like a cross race with hand ups and costumes.

(Mark Williams) #20

Someone said “Nobody is forcing you to hit the spacebar”. That’s not really the point. The concern of most people, I’d assume, is when you are having a fun little race with someone and someone else hits the spacebar.

I did a ride tonight and found myself in a fun little race with another person. At the first segment we hit we were both pushing it pretty hard to get to the line and it was pretty close - and then he just hit the spacebar and left me in his dust. It all seemed a bit anti-climatic and, personally, I don’t see the point. The “game” seems to be simply knowing when to hit the space bar and how many times.

Jon said that the effects are not that great. Over the course of a ride perhaps, but for the aforementioned race-to-the-line the effect was to totally drain the fun - and my determination to get to the line first.

After that segment, neither of is used the spacebar and it was a TON more fun and interesting.

So, I’d personally only want to be in an events that don’t allow powerups, while appreciating that others might like the feature. Providing we have a choice (not just whether we use it, but whether we are in events where others have the option) then all reasonable.

Next up - throwing tacks under the wheels of the opposition? Black ice? Torpedo’s :slight_smile: