Powerups are no fair

Typically Zwift. Some are bullied and Zwift responds by retaliating on all instead of taking on the bullies.

The Power-Ups are gasoline on the fire. They are by definition cheats and they are poison for free, happy & fair riding. They are benefiting the strongest and kill any kind of tactical approach to sprinting. Everyone has the helmet, everyone starts at the same moment and he who has the most power receives the biggest power-up and wins. Yes, that is how percentages work !

Zwift is causing all this mayhem by themselves. There is no vision, no ideas, no innovation, nothing.

The only thing Zwift has left is a head start on their competitors.

Very sad.


If you hate power ups so much race without them. They are part of the game and add strategy.


It adds one strategy; get the helmet and sprint. Wow, what an addition !

Also: Power-ups should be opt-in, not opt-out.

Separate the children from the men. Let the children play with their Nintendo-legs…

But there is more than just the aero. Then there is also timing on when you use the powerup and then there is the luck of getting one. If you hate it that much, just enter races without them like you can enter races with them. There is not opt in or opt out, just choose the race you want


Said it before but a one-time ‘stick or twist’ option on the power-ups would add some extra interest to it. What you have would still be based on luck, but you’d be able to gamble it for something more useful. And get bloody XP. :rofl: We’ve got the dump PU button, this would be a natural addition IMO. Ideally with race organisers able to choose it as an option or not. If they could configure how many gambles you get per event, that would add further strategy too.

But yeah, if you hate PUs just do races without. There are plenty.


I have outgrown the Nintendo generation. I rather let my legs speak and not the wheel of fortune.

Very easy to find races without PUs, knock yourself out. :wink: Events


here he goes again :musical_note: