Powertap Powercal not detected

I purchased a Powertap Powercal . The device is not detected via bluetooth Zwift. It is detected on iphone bluetooth and thru the powertap app. Is anyone successfully using this device via iphone or ipad bluetooth?

Disconnect the Powertap Powercal from your phone and the Powertap app before opening up Zwift, Bluetooth only allows one connection at a time.

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I figured out what was wrong. In the bluetooth settings on iphone i would connect the device, don’t connect. I reset bluetooth and left the device disconnected. Then Zwift pick it up.

Thanks Paul

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I’be bought the powercal (dual ant+ ant bt) some time ago while travelling but didn’t get it work with my phone.

But now was the time to do some faultfinding.

OnePlus 3T with current firmware and Zwift beta is also current.

First i just tried so run zwift and did not see the powercal - as was the case last time as well.

It finds my Scosche Rhytm+ just fine so Bluetooth seems to work.

I then switched to Endomondo. It also saw both bluetooth devices and i could connect to the powercal and see the heart-rate.

I then disconnected again and switched to my pc (without an ant+ stick)

Zwift there found the powercal as both power source and heartrate.

Any ides of how to get it working on my android phone ?

I’ve stopped the bluetooth service, cleared data and cache and rebooted without any change.

I’ve tried two difference BLE tool

Both see it as a heartrate monitor but only one of them recognises cycling power

Make sure the PowerCal is not paired to the phone (in Bluetooth settings) and make sure you don’t have a lot of Bluetooth devices saved.