Powertap G3 ANT+ No connectivity Android

I’ve been happily using Zwift connected to my power meter since spring without any issues. Since my android phone auto-updated to v 61590 - 1.0.61590 on Tuesday 2nd Feb, Zwift no longer connect to my ant+ power meter (Powertap G3).

The power meter has already successfully paired to the Zwift application on my phone
The power meter itself is OK - connects successfully to my Garmin.
I replaced the battery to ensure no issues related to battery levels
Have tried tapping “TAP TO PAIR” to no avail

Please advise/fix

Thank you


I checked with our Android developers, and they have not touched the ANT+ code for v.61590

You can try clearing the app data & also clear cache in Android settings - wouldn’t hurt, anyway.
Then try an uninstall / fresh reinstall.
If that doesn’t work - please locate your logs and send them to the email in that link

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