Powertap Ant+ HRM Android Problem


I just bought a Powertap Ant+ HRM to work with zwift

When i run it on my android phone Heart Rate gets detected but when i try to connect it to Power Source nothing ever gets detected so i cannot use zwift

Can anyone help?


Ok, I posted this in another thread but I will do it again.

Only HRM can connect via ANT+ that is why you cannot connect it as a power source.

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Thanks for the reply

Guess i will return and buy a bluetooth one


I posted this in another thread but I’ll do it again too. The PowerCal is available in three variations (ANT+, BLE, or both), be sure to get the correct one especially if you’re looking for a bargain.

So if I was to use the Ant HRM on a Windows machine the same would happen?

It will work fine with Windows version of Zwift, provided that you have an ANT+ dongle for your computer.

So I guess it’s a problem with the Andriod app

Thanks for your reply