Powermeter Pedals duo wirh kickr18

Hey Folks,
Here my question. Alot riders use powermeter pedals duo though the kickr has his own unit.
Is there any advantage zwifting with pedals compare to kickr powermeter?
Is an investment of 600-700€ worth if I am only zwifting and nit riding outside


Ride on

Not really, lots of data that suggest that the Kickr18 is very close to dedicated power meters.

People typically do that in cases where they want to keep their power source consistent. If you always ride on the Trainer, I see no reason to add a dedicated power meter.


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biggest advantage is that you can ride with power outdoors

if you get pedals then i’d suggest using them with zwift just so you know the numbers you see indoor and outdoor match (they may be pretty much the same anyway)

I’ve tried using my Assioma Duo pedals while riding a Saris Hammer in Zwift. I find the power regulation in erg mode to be much better using the Hammer for power instead of the pedals. They’re within a percent or two anyway so I stick with Hammer power in Zwift.

You can, of course, use the power pedals at the same time and record their power separately on another device.