'PowerDown' powerup - Yellow Beacon tool

Yellow beacon ride leaders often struggle with participants not behaving on group rides e.g. riding off the front, not riding to the pace agreed etc. I propose the ‘PowerDown’ powerup, which the yellow beacon will have an infinite number of, and can apply to riders much like giving them a thumbs up. The effect of the ‘Powerdown’ would be to reduce their power by say 20% for 30 seconds. Ideally I guess they would have level of it say green, amber, red with increasing reduction in power/lengh it applies.

That would go down really badly with riders hit by it I’m sure, and also opens up the possibility of bullying (whether real or perceived).

Surely this is what the fence is there to deal with anyway.


I (and many others) had proposed to Zwift that the fence come back with added drag factor so that anyone going beyond it would be working much harder just to hold their position. Perhaps increase the drag the further the rider goes beyond the fence, until they’re at 15w/kg and not moving at all :smiley:


If riders finished in alphabetical order rather than gold silver bronze and so on on ALL GROUP RIDES this might keep group together, as it stands a group ride still has the feeling of being a race sometimes? also the fence tends to move around a lot at the start so you may not realise you are in front of it until it’s too late I’ve backed off and then they come flying past and then your off the back because of the fence fluctuating