PowerCal reads 0 watts since latest Android update

Is anyone else using a PowerCal on Android? Ever since the latest update the power readout is always 0 watts. The heart rate works fine. It’s not the PowerCal’s problem since it works fine in Windows either directly or through the Companion app.


We haven’t had any recent reports of the PowerCal having this issue since the update. Please submit a support ticket so we could look into this for you. We’d be more than happy to help you out!


Yeah thanks, already opened a ticket earlier but at first support kept saying it was my problem that’s why I posted. After lots of messages back and forth tier 2 support finally said dev is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

Anyway I bought an iPad.

Looks like I was mistaken! Recently this has been discovered as a known issue, we did receive a few HRM/Powermeter pairing trouble reports on Androids. I’m sorry about that!

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Same problem here. My PowerCal still works in other apps, but not with Zwift anymore.

same thing for me. can’t wait to get a fix. The HB shows correctly si the pairing works fine. however the power stays at zero

With the latest update (1.0.36882) this issue has been resolved. Good job.

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Thanks a lot