PowerCal reads 0 watts since latest Android update

(😺🐾) #1

Is anyone else using a PowerCal on Android? Ever since the latest update the power readout is always 0 watts. The heart rate works fine. It’s not the PowerCal’s problem since it works fine in Windows either directly or through the Companion app.


(Lauren) #2

We haven’t had any recent reports of the PowerCal having this issue since the update. Please submit a support ticket so we could look into this for you. We’d be more than happy to help you out!


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Yeah thanks, already opened a ticket earlier but at first support kept saying it was my problem that’s why I posted. After lots of messages back and forth tier 2 support finally said dev is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

Anyway I bought an iPad.

(Lauren) #4

Looks like I was mistaken! Recently this has been discovered as a known issue, we did receive a few HRM/Powermeter pairing trouble reports on Androids. I’m sorry about that!

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(Peter) #5

Same problem here. My PowerCal still works in other apps, but not with Zwift anymore.

(Frank) #6

same thing for me. can’t wait to get a fix. The HB shows correctly si the pairing works fine. however the power stays at zero