Power2max causing constant Ant+ re connections

I’ve been analyzing my log files using Zwiftalizer.com and I went from 1 to 2 Ant+ re connections to 40+ re connections per ride when using my Power2max power meter as the power source and my wahoo kickr as the trainer. When I reverted back to using the kickr as the power source it went back to normal. The Ant+ re connections were for all Ant+ devices (Garmin HR and Garmin Cadence sensor) I didn’t really notice much difference while riding but it seems odd that this would occur. The Ant+ dongle is on a USB extension and is positioned 2 ft away from all the devices. Was wondering if any other Power2Max users were experiencing this

Both my bikes have P2M Type-S. I have not seen a problem while riding w/ANT+. Perhaps check the battery status of your P2M. Also, you could try moving the USB extension/dongle to under your bottom bracket. Long ago, I occasionally had issues w/the dongle plugged in directly to my laptop. Once I moved it under the bottom bracket using an extension, I haven’t seen the slightest hiccup.

I own a power2max Ngeco and no issues at all. The good thing of my Ng is that is able to connect through ant or bt