Power variations on undulating terrain in steady state Elite Suito ERG Mode


I’ve been doing some hard, steady state efforts on my Elite Suito around FTP using ERG Mode. At that resistance I feel small variations in effort easily. In undulating terrain, like the hilly sections in the woods at Sands and Sequoias for example, I feel a disturbance in the power required. When I’m going uphill it feels like the trainer deducts 20 watts or so, really noticable. It stabilizes in a second or two. Then the opposite going downhill, then it feels like the trainer adds 20 watts to the required output. You really feel it in your legs that you have to “go over a crest” for a pair of seconds.

Can this be the controller that cancel elevation when in workout mode I feel? For example, when going downhill, the controller should increase the effort PV to match the setpoint SP but probably overshoots a bit (being too fast probably). Then the same going uphill, the controller should then ease the increasing resistance PV to meet the SP but overshoots causing the resistance to dip too low and then come back up to setpoint. Is there some software fix for this?

I work as a Process Engineer so I’m used to tweaking PID controllers and guess I’m probably on the right track but it would be nice to have it confirmed.