Power ups

Hi, Entered my first event (race) today and it proved what I have always suspected - I’m rubbish !

That aside I have a couple of questions I could not find answers to using the search facility.

  1. It was a 25.6 mile 4 lap event. .I thought as I went round i would pick up some Power Ups but i didn’t get any. Is this because my effort was not worthy of any ?

  2. At one stage i stopped pedaling for about 2 seconds (knocked my water bottle over !) I started pedaling again but my avatar didn’t move. I got the option of QUIT RIDE or MENU. After about 40 seconds of pedaling with nothing happening i hit the MENU button and then the BACK button and only then did the avatar start moving. Why didn’t the avatar start moving when I resumed pedaling ?

are you using a smart trainer if not could be a drop in your sensors have had that happen to me with my Garmin 1000 with bluetooth sensors and once you re-connect sensor (mostly speed) and start pedalling its fine if not stop pedalling for a second and start again it should start working…hope this helps


Thanks for replying Carlos.

I am using a smart trainer connected via Ant+ on an extension lead with the dongle located by the smart trainer unit.

I will try the stop/start to see if that works. Although to my thinking it should just start when i start.