Power up workout with Dani Rowe lost data

Can anyone help me with lost data. I entered a power up workout series group with Dani Rowe workout today at 18.30 and after a few miles all the riders in the group disappeared from the screen and I finished the ride alone. I was unable to link the zwift companion during the workout and only part of the data was saved and the data did not up load to my strava account or zwift power profile and when I checked zwift for the fit file it has only logged part of the ride. Also when I finished the workout I saw the banner that said I had unlocked the 2020 kit but I do not have it in my garage. Any help with my lost data would be great. Thanks

Disappearing riders are usually because of internet connection problems.

These two link may help you to find and upload your fit file to strava.


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Many Thanks I will give this a try.