Power Up Workout Series 2020 details

This starts in 2 days , when will further details be available


the communication around these events needs to be improved , lots of the time the details are sketchy, no details until late on . A lot of people plan training out a few weeks and more in advance.


PS the promo email had Danni Rowe with a US flag assigned to her !

Zwifthacks has times listed but it looks like it’s a ladies only event.

Cool, but my main beef is that I don’t like the short notice, lack of info and having to scratching around 3rd party sites to see if they have any details.

The link says that there will be a couple of unisex events a week

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Wed 12:00 am and Thursday at 6:00 am, 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm are the unisex rides.(The other listings are listed as women only.)


Zwift is notorious for last minute notice. They really didn’t get anything together for World Bike Relief day other than a few group rides. Even their handling of the World championship rides was only about a week out.

They seem to have been cancelled now. I’m disappointed because they were interesting and a good alternative to the TourdZ.
There was barely any advertising for them, also time slots were scarce, e g only during work days… The events I saw and participated in had an average of 200 participants, so there definitely was a popular demand! Considering women being usually around 10% of riders, the number is fairly good…

Just spooted it’s still on, se attached, times are UK

Aaah excellent. Thanks