Power Up Training Camp

Does anyone know when were supposed to receive the email for the Video interview.

A couple of seconds after you have finished the last group workout. Note, you have to do all 3 workouts i.e. #1, #2 and #3. You can’t just do 2 of one and one other, it has to be all 3 different workouts. I found this out after doing the climb one twice and the TT and wondered why I didn’t get the email. I had to do the sprint one to qualify and get the email.

Same issue here… did all three workouts and didn’t receive the email.

I have done all 3 and no mail :flushed:

Hi guys,

Check your Junk or Spam folders - lots of emails are going in there.

If you completed the 3 workouts, the email should be sat somewhere, but if not - contact Zwift here https://support.zwift.com/ and they will be able to sort!

Hoping you all get it sorted - may see you in Girona!


Nope nothing in Spam, very frustrating after all the effort

Don’t be frustrated - just follow the link and send us a video for a chance to get involved in the Girona Camp! Your effort is far from wasted!

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Thanks @Matt_Rowe, I have followed the link and send to requests to support. Waiting patiently :slight_smile:

I too have done all 3 workouts and not received an email. I chased support about this last week and got nothing back. I have just submitted another email to them. Fingers crossed

I think Support is swamped with all the non email requests :slight_smile:

Hi guys, same issue here but trying to stay positive since there is still time to complete the video interview.

I completed the workouts last Thursday and repeated all three again on Sunday just to make sure (I even threw up :face_vomiting: in one of them because I found a bug in Zwift that made me ride in endless circles, but I managed to finish it anyway :slight_smile:)

I have sent several emails support but it seems they don’t have a solution (or time for a response) yet, but crossing my fingers.

I really, really, would like to see you in Girona, but if not… welcome to Spain and I hope you do enjoy your stay here! :es: :biking_man: