Power slide tricycle

At first when I logged in to ride today, I thought…‘What the…’

Then I thought about it. It is a game after all.

Some ideas that might help the power slide tricycle idea along are:

Make the track exclusive to the tricycles with ability to ‘power slide’ around certain corners.

Make the bike splash through water in a part of the track. Hopefully wetting those pulled over on the side not riding

Ability to pinch a flag from the back of the bike as you sprint past. The reason for this would be that the owner has a certain amount of time to pinch it back, which would mean that they would need to sprint after the thief or time trial after them. The reward would be that the thief would then ‘steal’ anywhere up to 50 points (proportioned by how strong the rider is whom they are stealing from).

This would definitely make me for one sprint or time trial a bit more then I do now, which is on occasion for the KOM and green jerseys.

It kind of looked cool seeing everyone bobble their way up a climb on these tricycles today. Something different.

I’m assuming the trikes are a little April Fools easter egg…


I was pleasantly surprised to see the community on these trikes this morning. I couldn’t stop laughing! What a pleasure to ride the Big Wheel again! Thank you!!!