Power readings

I’m using a Wahoo smart trainer for my racing. Why is it that everytime I race a always have the highest kilowatt power output in the group yet I always finish in the middle of the pack ??

More information, please. Do you mean highest power output, or highest WKg? What bike are you riding (in game)? What wheels? Are you tall or short? A lot of factors can come into play in Zwift, so it’s good to understand your situation before making any guesses on what might be the cause.


Thanks for responding…I’m referring to average power as well as w/kg. I’m riding the base bike on zwift with the base wheels. I’m 5’-8". I use the Wahoo Kickr Snap. Every race I’m in I have the highest average power ( kw ) and highest w/kg, but I finish in the middle of the pack.