Power Output Without Pedalling

I’ve a Neo 2T.
When descending and without pedalling my watts are reported as 7/8w.
The avator sits on the top tube and there is no cadence but I’m reporting watts. My sweat drops increase too so it’s not all bad.
This didn’t happen in my previous neo or neo 2.

1 other 2T user has reported this. Faulty hardware or just a slight issue between the Neo and Zwift?

IIRC it’s a feature of the Neo 2T. It’s the downhill drive feature. I don’t have a Neo 2T but you should be able to disable this feature if you don’t like it. Much like the road feel feature.

The Neo does have this feature but the previous 2 didn’t report any wattage when not pedalling. Whilst it’s designed to simulate downhill gradients I’m not sure it’s supposed to offer any actual output.