Power not reading consistently

I completed my first  2X30 FTP training today. Throughout the entire work out my power kept going down to zero, I’d get power up messages and ERG temporarily disabled. After my rider came to a complete stop it seemed to reconnect but this happened all throughout the training. It seemed to also happen after each interval ended and a new one began. This has never happened before but again this is the first complete training I have completed. My dongle is in my USB port on my iMac and I am using a bushido smart. Its in a small office so range is not the issue.

Is the little ANT dongle on the back of the iMac facing away from the trainer? I know you say your office is small, but really these ANT signals are weak and your wifi router may have changed to a channel that has more interference with the ANT+ frequencies.   To avoid issues like this you’ll want to get an extension cable for a few dollars to get that dongle out closer to your devices.  

In the meantime while you’re waiting for a dongle, make sure you’ve not plugged any new devices into the usb ports next to your dongle - the antenna in there is very small and it doesn’t take much to block it.  For example, when I plug a USB thumb drive into the port next to my dongle the signal range goes down under a meter.

Thanks Jon, for the $5.00 I will try it! Just purchased the extension and will see if that helps. I read some other tips on the subject and it was stated that a fan can cause interference as well. I did set up a fan for the first time this AM and its in between my dongle and sensors which was a noted issue. When I get the extension that should eliminate the issue.

I’ve been having the same issue the past couple of rides, I use a MacBook Pro and the ANT+ dongle is the only thing connected to the usb port, I’ve always place my mac about 12 inches away from me, so  I know that there is nothing blocking the signal, and my bike and mac are only 36 inches away from the router. This didn’t happen before. It is frustrating, I know is virtual power but it will be nice to have it the way it was before.

Little help is appreciated Jon.