Power Meter Smoothing?

(Troy Craig) #1

When riding with Trainer Road and Zwift at the same time, the power readings are similar, but not consistent enough with each other. My TR settings allow for power smoothing so the readings aren’t so jumpy…any chance Zwift could do a 3 second power smoothing just to keep the reading from being all over the place? It would help for some of the erroneous/missed incoming data going to the ant receiver for whatever reason. Its not like I go from 95 watts to 190 watts every other second, so smoothing might help. Thanks!

(Simon Oxenham [VC10]) #2

+1 for 3 sec smoothing

(Brian Hill) #3


(> TheMatLife (RCC)) #4
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(> TheMatLife (RCC)) #5

Do you find the App responds correctly to the Power output from the crank or hub… I Use a Rotor3d and I go from 240w to 400w to 1000w sprint but that isn’t translated on the screen…

(Kate Weber KoS) #6

Yes, please.

(Alan Hamilton - MRC) #7

I see the same thing when using TR and Zwift together with my KICKR in erg mode. TR reports pretty steady wattage (+/- 1W typically), while I see fluctuations of +/- 3W in Zwift (which gets its power readings directly from the ANT+ channel of the KICKR). I’m sure it would be easier to ride in a nice paceline if the power readings were smoothed.

(Darin Magera) #8

3 Seconds would be great!

(Claude Binchet) #9


(Mick Neal INTENT - (C)) #10

+1 for 3 second smoothing

(Catalin Onel ZZRC (C)) #11

Yea, smoothing should definitely be implemented and I think a selectable feature would be best (3s, 5s, 7s like in Trainerroad). Just for laughs I used my Powercal (hr based power meter) and got into some whacky 4 digit power numbers last night.

(Steven Riley) #12

+1 for 3 second averaging. I assume the app takes all the data sent of ant+?

(Mark Precious) #13

I will take 1s smoothing as a start, on the flats I see about 4 changes per second on the display (wahoo kickr on 3rd April 15 update).

(Deryck Walker -BMC_AUS) #14

+1 for 3, 10 and 20 second smoothing as options (additional to existing)

(Steve Sullivan- RO4H) #15

Power smoothing would be a great option. Seems like a no brainer.

(John (Chemo) Chappers) #16

Another +1 for 3sec

(Kevin Brownstein) #17

+1.   It’s a nesessity for intervals.   

(Jeff Lebowski(EFPRgroupTREK)) #18

Hello?  No response from Zwift?  This is an absolute necessity!!

(Stef Levolger) #19

In favor for smoothing as well, preferably as a personal setting on as to with what time we’d want to smooth it.

(Ross Moore) #20

This is the single most frustrating thing for me in Zwift.  I often don’t even bother with short intervals because it’s so hard to gauge the correct power within 10-60 second intervals.