Power Meter for Indoor Sunny SF-B1002

The inside of the crankarm reads HC 170. Does anyone know what HC stands for? Would the Stages Cycling Shimano 105 Gen 3 L Power Meter Crank Arm 170mm be compatible do you figure? Does anyone propose a better/cheaper alternative? The pedals are able to be removed so I could throw in some pedal power meters, but $700 is almost the cost of my absolute 7.0 with many many miles on it.

The Shimano crank-based meters you identified aren’t compatible. I glanced at the bike model on Amazon. It doesn’t list a specification sheet, but it doesn’t have Shimano cranks. To use the Stages or any similar crank-based power meter, you need a standard crankarm from one of the big 3 drivetrain manufacturers that the manufacturer goes and validates for its power meter. The indoor bike you pointed to does not use off the shelf cycling components as far as I can tell.

All the single-sided pedal power meters are a bit cheaper, so that’s a possible option.

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This is good information. I’m looking for a power meter solution for my Sunny B1805.

If you really want one this is the best option after much research. Favero Assioma Power Meter Pedal. The reason against the duo currently aside from the money is it is unsupported last i known. However I suggest just getting a Wahoo Kickr. After much research it is the best for reasons you wouldn’t really figure since it’s missing a few top end features. Company support being the biggest.

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