Power Meter for Cadence Only Pairing Issue

Is this a bug with my PM, Zwift, my Kickr or my iPad?

Every time I startup Z and I go onto the pairing screen, my Wahoo Kickr 17 picks up as the Power Source and the Controllable Speed as it should. However, because this model doesn’t have built in cadence, I have to use my 4iiii PM. In order to do this though, I have to unpair the Kickr as the Power Source, pair the 4iiii, manually pair it as the cadence sensor, then unpair the 4iiii as the Power Source and repair the Kickr. I use my iPad pro for Z and all sensors are paired directly to the device through Bluetooth (as in, not through companion app or anything).

Hi @Ryan_Dotson, the Kickr 2018 added cadence support last September, make sure your firmware is updated.

Thanks Mike,

I got really excited for a moment, but then I realized that I have a '17. I misspoke before.

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